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Get access to sneaker bots, early drop links and every raffle, all in one place. So you can start getting sneakers for retail prices.
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Secured is a subscription service that helps you purchase sneakers and streetwear directly from brands, before they sell out.

Members get access to the Secured Hub as well as our Discord community. This means you will have access to all the tools and information you will need to stop paying resell prices.

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“Perfect cook group to find everything useful in one place, with top quality support from both admins and members”
“Before I joined SECURED, I knew a little about reselling. Now that I’ve been a member for over 6 months I feel super confident and well informed. Best decision this year!”
“Taught me everything I needed to know about reselling and helped me build my brand”
“Secured doesn't just provide monitoring services, the members are always willing to help answer whatever questions you have.”
“It’s just awesome. Been here since it started and never regretted it. It’s Newbie friendly with loads of guides but also very good if you’re experienced in reselling”
Learn how to become a successful sneaker reseller with a Secured membership. Already trusted by thousands of resellers globally.
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Discover hyped products before they release

Browse our curated feed of the most popular upcoming sneaker & streetwear releases that our team of experts know will sell out fast. These are the best products to purchase because they should earn you a strong profit margin when resold.

We cover every important release across the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Canada.

Enter all raffles from one place

Secured finds all the raffles that you can enter for each sneaker, lets you enter them all from one place and allows you to filter by location so you're not hit with any crazy shipping costs when you win your pair for retail price.

Know exactly where & when a sneaker drops

Secured groups together every online store releasing the product you want, so come drop day you're prepared and know exactly where to go.

You can filter by location and use our direct links once a drop goes live to go straight to the product, saving you valuable seconds.

Free Sneaker & Streetwear Bot

With your Secured membership you get unlimited access to our checkout bot which will help you checkout faster on more than 240 sites including Supreme, Yeezy Supply, Nike and Adidas.

We provide 1 on 1 support through instant chat and optional zoom calls to make sure you understand all the important stuff.

Stop wasting time searching everywhere for early sneaker information. Join Secured to get the most accurate information, early links and raffles for every drop.
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with our easy to understand written guides and around the clock support staff, you can quickly become an expert in getting sneakers for retail prices.
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